Saturday, December 15, 2018

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So...this is my 350th post.  16 more and it will be 1-year of daily posts. I am finding that my focus of my posts have become more and more erratic as I near the 366th post.  I have done my best to stay away from repeating myself in my posts.  I have done my best to be entirely transparent and honest, authentic in my posts.  I have done my best to speak from my heart before my mind in all of these posts.

Have I gone back and read any of my posts this year?

Not yet.  I see reading them as a whole, almost scary.  I am thinking I will learn or notice a lot about myself as a person and a thinker while reading and reflecting on my writing.  I am interested, but fearful of the patterns that I will find in my posts.  What will I learn about myself that will shine through the words about my mindset, attitude, or worldview?

So, is 1- continual year enough?

For me it is, or at least will be.  My daily writing has served its purpose and has taught me a lot about myself.  As a writer.  As a thinker.  As a person.  As an educator.  As a caring individual.  It is time to start writing the bigger stuff and as well, time to spend more time writing pieces.  These 15-minute (at the most) pieces are generally mindstreams that are flows of consciousness and tell the thinking behind my thinking.  Sometimes my words or ideas surprise me as to where they have gone.  I never sit down with an agenda or an idea as to what I might write.  This forum and project has simply been me in the moment.  It has been a snapshot of my thinking...a moment in time.

Will I miss this?

Yes.  I will miss the reflections.  I will miss the routines.  I will miss the idea of knowing that I am writing every day. doesn't mean that I will stop using this forum.  I plan, at this point anyway, to write here weekly to keep my posts fresh and to continue to reflect on my life's work.

I need to stay aware and awake.

Be Mindful.


Mark Levine


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