Saturday, December 1, 2018

Being the DJ

Tonight I get to spend time in the community, DJing an event for our local park district football players and cheerleaders.

I became a DJ in order to offer local people a fair DJ at very fair prices, or free.  DJs cost a lot of money and taking away money from organizations that benefit kids or the community never felt fair to me.

Many years ago, I found out that our school was paying $500+ for a DJ for a 2-hour dance.  I was not okay with this.  As I grew up playing in bands and running sound...becoming a kinds-DJ made sense.  I grabbed a credit card and went to a local big-store music store and bought the speakers, cords, mixer, etc. that I needed to fill a large gym with sound.  Then I invested in an electronic DJ program which allowed me access to over 80,000 songs. 

I was now a DJ-ish.

I have been DJing for our school for free since.  (about 12 years)

Sometimes it doesn't take more than a few dollars and some of your free time to be the hero of sorts to your local community.  It is about giving to others.  It is about being something for others.  It is really about getting my heart filled by being what others need when they need it.

I have to admit, sometimes it is tiring to lug the equipment to various venues.  Sometimes I am tired and softly regret signing up to DJ an event on a snowy, cold, or rainy night such as this.  But once things are set up and the music is playing...once the people come in and say hi to you (I usually know many at the events), once I see the smiles on the faces listening to or dancing to the music....there are NO regrets whatsoever. 

Be Mindful.


Mark Levine


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