Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Inner Voice

As we are approaching the new year, I feel like I have a growing list of new expectations for the year.  It is interesting how a new year, a new school year, or even a new week gives us the so-called clean slate that we so often need to set new goals and expectations.

We get this cheerleader voice in our heads...

"This will be the year"

"We got this"

"There is no stopping me now"

As we let go of the inner voice saying...

"As soon as I finish ____, I can finally work on me"

"Once ___ is done, I can finally get to _____"

"I can't wait until ______"

Why don'y we simply put on the breaks right now, this very second, and bring about the changes that we want to happen.  We are always waiting for some type of magical starting line which somehow will propel us towards our goals because we waited until we were ready.

A new year, new month, or even a new day will not make you any more ready than you were yesterday, unless...you are doing what is needed to set in motion, these new wonderful plans or pathways to the big goals.

Who am I writing this for?

Me, of course.  It is what I needed to remind myself when I look at the calendar and say to myself, wow...only 20 more days before I can finally begin that new project.


I can start any time.  I can start right now if I let myself.  I think I will.

Be Mindful.


Mark Levine


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